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The Truth Behind Promoting Online

It's amazing the reactions you get when you hear the word "internet"! Some will say it's a scam, others will say it's the land of fame and riches and still others don't know what to think. Take it from me who learned the truth behind promoting online, the hard way.


When I refer to mindset here, I am referring to knowledge! Having the knowledge of what to expect is crucial to your success. Having a business online is no different than having one offline. The benefits are that you get exposure a whole lot sooner than you would offline, but it still needs to be WORKED and PROMOTED!

Unfortunately the ads floating around the internet, give everyone a false hope of "do nothing and get rich". So when those that do want to take a chance, come online having high expectations of becoming rich, only to be disappointed when days, weeks and even months roll by and still have nothing to show for it but an empty wallet.

The truth behind promoting online requires that you know what to expect going with any program you choose online and then having the work ethic it takes to make it successful, that is the second point we will discuss now.


Knowing the truth behind promoting online requires good work ethic. Why do we say that? Because expecting to come online and just sitting and letting your upline do all the work is sure to lead to failure.

At the same token, having an upline that expects their downline to do all the work is also a recipe for disaster. So what is required is that you work hard to get the exposure you need for yourself and your business.

Yes I know the truth is not what everyone wants to hear. It's easier to want to know that you can do as little work as possible and still make fortunes, but the truth behind promoting online requires that you work hard to achieve what you came online in the first place.


Why is it easier to believe something untrue is beyond me, but we all do it. What could be a realistic expectation? We could ask this question, if you were going to open a business offline, how long do you think you would have to operate in the red before you saw a profit for your investment?

Most would probably say 2 to 5 years and they would think nothing about it, yet online they expect it in weeks or even months! This only leads to disappointments and many quitting way too soon.

You have two choices, you can either take the easy way out and go for the programs that will give you instant returns for your investment (which many don't last long) or you can use common sense and know that the truth promoting online takes knowledge, work and dedication.


Two Easy Ways For Promoting Affiliate Programs

One of the best ways to make money is promoting affiliate programs. You don't need a product, website or having to deal with customers and issues. Here are two easy ways for promoting affiliate programs.

As a new person coming online right off the street, you will not have a product to promote online, but that is not to say that you cannot make money because you can. There are so many product owners that would love to have you promoting their products and earning a percentage for doing so.

The question is how are you going to start to make money promoting affiliate programs? How are you going to go about it? Well here are 2 easy ways you can start implementing right away.


Every seasoned marketer knows that the best way is to presell to their customers and here are the benefits for doing so.

When was the last time you bought something on someone's recommendation? You can do the same thing online. You do that with either a review site giving the pros and cons or by just blogging about the product itself. What you do NOT want to do is use the same affiliate site that everyone else is using because you will not stand out from the crowd.


That is one way you can make money promoting affiliate programs. Another way is a brand new opportunity that has just become available and that is to create a storefront using cyber malls. Creating your own storefronts will benefit you because your customers will know immediately what they are getting when they click on your storefront, it's like pre-selling without saying anything!

Take a look at Andy's Internet Malls to see what I mean. Once you get there, click on the storefront. This is a great way for you to take your storefronts anywhere and promote them in social network sites and send them to your friends who like to shop online.

You can still blog about it but instead of having a link you have a visual of what you are promoting and this will entice your customers even more to click thru to your salespage.

Take a look at an example here, this provides your customers a visual of what they can expect on the sales page. Making these storefronts are easy and fun! Not to mention, now you REALLY will stand out from the crowd that is only promoting the same old affiliate page.

If you are looking to make money online, these two easy ways for promoting affiliate programs can help you get there even faster.


Promoting Online With Malls by Andy Drank

Promoting online with Malls by Andy Drank i s to the business owner and affiliate's advantage and here is why. Imagine that you have your own products but don't have a clue how to start building an audience for your products, what do you do?

Also everyone knows that using the affiliate page for promoting your program does not
help you stand out, you have the same page everyone else is promoting.

How is promoting using malls by Andy, help you?

We have a network of very successful marketers that will help you market your storefront. If you already have a wordpress blog, then we can add your blog to high PR websites that can create backlinks that will push you further up into the search engines.

That in combination with your own storefront that will give you a more professional appeal and will help you stand out, you benefit from the traffic that the malls will be generating, and there is no limit to the products you can put in your malls. Getzooks malls has plans of going worldwide, so if you ever wanted to reach a wide audience, here is your chance.

You can make your mall any topic you want. If you have your own products, you can create your own mall storefront with Getzooks Business Management System, a very professional back office with all the tools you need to set-up, manage and put together a very attractive storefronts. It's easy to do and just think of all the products you could be promoting with this platform.

Getzooks cyber malls is a new trend that will change the way affiliate marketing is done online. I just love the whole concept that will help the business owner as well as the online affiliate marketer.

Click here to check out Malls by Andy Drank so that you can get an idea of what you can do with these malls and once on that page, click the tab above that says shop cybermalls !


Promoting Online - Earn Multiple Streams of Income

Most of you seeing this blog may already be an established marketer, but whether or not you are, the video above is going to get you very excited. How would you like to discover how you can be promoting online and earn multiple streams of income?

If you have ever done any promotions online, you know that it takes as much effort to sell one product, let alone several. Why not do your online marketing once and get paid from several streams of income?

Putting your eggs in one basket is not the best way in any business, promoting online and earn multiple streams of income that pay you month after month is SMART business.

Getzooks Cyber Malls is a wonderful platform for all of your own products. For the business owner as well as affiliates. You are not limited to the amount of storefronts or products you can put in your malls.

Creating these storefronts is very easy and fun to do, but that is NOT the best part! The best part is having a storefront for all of your products selling all at one time with only one link, creating multiple streams of income.

Why settle for only one stream of income, when you can have several? Getzooks Cyber Malls is creating a platform for promoting online and earn multiple streams of income.

The video says it all, check it out, you will be glad you did.

Promoting Online With Getzooks Cyber Malls

Welcome to my blog. I am excited to tell you all about a fresh, new way of promoting online with Getzooks Cyber Malls. I can hear it now, what are cyber malls? That is one of the questions I will answer for you and show you how promoting online with cyber malls is not only fun, easy but it pays YOU to market any business or program.

What are cyber malls? In a nutshell, it's a storefront or webpage to sell all sorts of wonderful products you want. (Cybermall definition) . So what you do is create the storefronts and then in turn you can post them anywhere you like, for example, facebook, MySpace, blog or website. You can read all about it in our free press release .

Getzooks Cyber Malls (click on Shop Cybermalls)

Just imagine promoting online with your very own storefront for your business or program. Let me tell you, it's fun putting these storefronts together! The Getzooks Cyber Malls backoffice is very impressive and easy to manage.

It pays you for promoting online because when others see your storefronts, they will want their very own and you will make $10 for every person that wants to get in on the action. Think of all the wonderful affiliate programs you are a part of right now, could they use a new look? Sure they would and Getzooks Cyber Malls Storefronts is just the ticket!

You can have your very own cyber mall storefront, check out - Malls by Andy Drank . You can personalize it to suit your taste or business.

Promoting online has never been more fun, easy and profitable as a Getzooks Business Club Member.

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